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Changes In The Florida Power of Attorney Law

Judge Jack St. Arnold and Alan Gassman speak about the new Power of Attorney laws that will take effect on October 1, 2011.

Estate Planning Mistakes

Alan Gassman will discuss common mistakes and missed opportunities that many physicians make with respect to their estate planning, entity structuring, and management.

Planning for the Single Physician

Single Physicians face challenges all their own.  Alan Gassman discusses some of the issues that single physicians in Florida need to know about.

New Pain Care Clinic Regulations

he new Pain Care Clinic Regulations apply to the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, physicians, pain management clinics, pharmacies, and wholesale pharmaceutical distributors. It affects the ability to dispense certain addictive prescription drugs, mainly Schedule II or III controlled substances. The provisions of HB 7095 became effective on July 1, 2011.

The Healthcare Price Transparency Bill

The new Health Care Price Transparency (HB 935) law signed by Governor Scott on June 2, 2011 requires medical practices who take patients as “Walk-Ins”  (with or without appointments) and urgent care centers to post a 3 x 5 foot sign in the lobby providing at least the top 50 medical procedures preformed by the office and the amounts charged to patients who have no insurance for those 50 procedures.The procedures may be grouped in three price levels, listing services in each group level.

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