Estate Planning

Highly customized estate plans to suit individual client needs.

Gassman, Crotty & Denicolo, P.A. understands just how valuable your time is. We have developed many systems and strategies for busy, successful clients and families and an Estate Planning Checklist for the Successful Professional that helps us work most productively with each client to develop a tailored estate plan. With more than 50 years of combined estate planning experience as a foundation, we evaluate your needs and recommend the optimal strategies and tactics to preserve your wealth for future generations.

We address issues such as:

  • Inheritance and gift protection planning for surviving children — Guardianship, gifting, trusteeship, and division of assets.
  • Inheritance and trust protection planning for surviving spouse — Life insurance and irrevocable life insurance trusts, bypass trusts (credit shelter trusts), protective trusts, and trusteeship.
  • Asset protection planning — The effect of any potential liability and loss, and tools that can help insulate assets from risk.
  • Florida Homestead Disposition Limitation rules — The effect of these rules on the home.
  • Incapacity — Financial powers of attorney, healthcare powers of attorney, and living wills.
  • Minimizing tax consequences — Family limited partnerships, annual gifting, irrevocable gifting trusts, and other methods.
  • Stakeholder awareness — The need for CPA, insurance agent, stock broker, trust company and others to know the basic tenets of the plan.
  • Periodic review — Needs and circumstances will change over time. A careful review of your estate plan ensures your needs will continue to be met in the best way possible.

Estate tax planning for large estates.

Each of our lawyers have post law masters degrees in either taxation or estate planning to help clients safeguard property and other holdings. Our focused practice allows us to develop innovative strategies to even the toughest challenge. And we dedicate ourselves to keeping up to date at all times with any changes in estate planning and estate tax legislation. In fact, we wrote the book on estate tax planning, which was released in May 2011 by BNA Tax & Accounting.  Learn more >>>

At the end of 2010, the Taxpayer Relief Act went into effect. For Florida, this law means that the state will not collect estate tax for 2011 and 2012. But the provisions of the act only lasted until December 31, 2012, and Florida estate tax returned in 2013.

Gassman, Crotty & Denicolo, P.A. is well versed in all laws that affect estate tax planning. Our overarching goal is to preserve your hard-earned assets. With each of our clients, we prepare an estate plan that includes a sound, forward-looking strategy to avoid unnecessary income and estate taxation in the face of changing legislation. Our clients have seen how estate tax planning can make a big difference for them. We look forward to an opportunity to help you as well.

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